USFQ at GAIAS Europa – December 2022

Welcome to GAIAS Europe, the academic hub of Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) in Europe.

Located in the city of Valencia (Spain), GAIAS Europe is a bridge between Latin America and Europe through the liberal arts. It is a space to promote training, research, entrepreneurship and the exchange of experiences between students, professors and researchers in Europe in our own classrooms and collaborative work spaces.

Valencia, a city of authentic Mediterranean character, is the third largest city in Spain with 800,000 inhabitants and a university population of approximately 150,000 students, of which 30,000 are international students. It is one of the cities with the highest density of university students in Europe.

A friendly urban center where in addition to its diverse tourist offerings, history and shopping areas, the distances are short, so the accessible bicycle and pedestrian transportation are great advantages of living in this city.

In addition, Valencia is a strategically connected point from which you can easily travel to the rest of the continent.

These are some of the reasons why Valencia has been named as one of the best cities in the world to live in according to several global rankings.

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So what are you waiting for to have this academic experience in Valencia?

As a USFQ student, at GAIAS Europe you will find those same core values of Universidad San Francisco de Quito: liberal arts, education as a space for individual development, freedom, truth, goodness and beauty.

Thanks to the agreements reached with different universities, research centers and companies, our students will be able to live an authentic experience in Europe with the advantages of staying in our university community.

GAIAS Europe is the new space to expand your network and find valuable academic and work opportunities in Europe.

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