In the Get Inspired Program you will not only study history, you will have an up close and personal experience of it. You will not just read about innovation, you will live in an environment of constant innovation. You will not only study about business models, you will observe and experience new business models. You will not just read about art and culture, you will be immersed in art and culture. You will not only hear about tourist destinations in Europe, you will live and breathe these destinations in an unforgettable experience.

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Who Is It For?

This program is intended for high school graduates over 18 who are looking for an international experience while beginning higher studies in the best university in Ecuador. It is addressed to students who want to explore life in a new context and grow their intercultural knowledge.

If you are a student in your first couple of years at USFQ and are interested in taking College of General Studies (CGS) courses, you may also apply.

Courses to Take

There are two ways to leverage the Get Inspired Program:

  1. The No-Limit Travel Experience: You can apply for one year and fast-forward your CGS courses. Your place in your chosen degree program will be saved for you when you return to USFQ to begin your specific classes, and those you passed in Valencia will be credited to you. This experience will enable you to travel, take it all in, and learn while moving forward with various CGS courses. There are no restrictions.
  2. First Year Degree Program: If you decide to start your course of study with the Get Inspired Program, you can apply for one semester or two semesters (a full year) depending on the specifications of each major. There are major-specific restrictions.
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Classes Offered in 2023–2024

  • Introduction to Economics
  • Academic Writing
  • Introduction to Psychology (CCSS/CG) / Differential Calculus/Business Accounting
  • Cosmos
  • Major Class (online/directed studies) (Optional)
  • Sports
  • Self Knowledge
  • Being and Cosmos / Nutrition / General Biology
  • Art, Science, and Technology
  • Major Class (online/directed studies) (Optional)
  • Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Gastronomic Culture

Steps to Follow

  • 1

    USFQ Registration
  • 2

    Applicant Program
  • 3

    Check Classes
  • 4

    Enrollment Process
  • 5

    Sending Insurance + Residence
  • 6

    Arrival Confirmation
  • 7

    Visa Acceptance
  • 8

    Document Handling
  • 9

    Visa Application
  • 10

    Acceptance Remittance
  • 11

    Class Registration
  • 12

    Orientation Week
  • 13

    Spain Documentation (NIE) Appointment
  • 14

    Residence Registration Appointment

Support in Valencia

Students will enjoy the services of the Student Welfare Department in Valencia and receive personalized support from specialists.

The program does not include:

Program Duration

You can opt for a semester or a year (two consecutive semesters). This decision must be made before starting the program admission process. It is not possible to extend your stay once you are in Valencia.

Program Advantages

All this while taking a few CGS classes that will enable you to advance in your first year of university studies and reinforce your main course of study after returning to USFQ and starting your sophomore year.

The classes also include a practical approach with field trips, visits to museums, historical monuments and places of interest, attendance at conferences, visits to companies, and outdoor activities.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must go through the regular USFQ admissions process. Once accepted and enrolled at USFQ, you can initiate the Get Inspired Program selection process.

If you are accepted into the Human Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, or Architecture degree program, we recommend that you come to Valencia and move ahead with your CGS classes so you can continue with your major courses after returning to Quito.

Your place will be reserved for the next academic year. Because places in the exchange program are limited, a selection process will be held.

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The Get Inspired Program allows you to apply for a scholarship and take advantage of it starting in your sophomore year, once you are back in Ecuador. There are no scholarships for the first year in Valencia.

Program Investment

USFQ Amount

Reference Amounts

USFQ Registration

 $500 (approx., varies per degree program)

Enrollment Get Inspired Admission Process per semester (non-refundable)



As with USFQ Quito, it depends on the degree program

The program includes:

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